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First Light

“First Light” is an 10″ x 8″ watercolor on rag paper by Tina Steele Penn for TSteele.Art

This painting is inspired by verses in the OLD text of Genesis. The first verses in fact. In the first chapter, the second verse God said “Let there be light”. It isn’t that there wasn’t light before, it is just that it was obscured by the darkness that covered the earth, where everything was without form, and “void”. Or empty. So he separated the light from the darkness and said it was good. According to the tradition of Creation this was “In the Beginning”. This was the “First Day”. Perhaps that means the first day the Earth turned on her axis. It wasn’t until later on the fourth day that He hung lights in the vault of the sky and made a great light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night.

This light, “First Light” is on the first day when His glory shone throughout all of His world except where Satan had been thrown down to earth and brought destruction and darkness. It is the light of God’s presence that is shining through the darkness and gloom to bring hope.

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