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I am what is currently called a “Creativ”. This means I’m not very practical. I can BE practical in mundane things, but the rest of the time… I’m thinking stuff up. Creating in my head. And that creativity might be expressed in music or, if a little quiet suits me… then in painting or drawing or painting and drawing.

So depending strongly on my MOOD I will create things that please my eyes. Yes, sometimes I do have a message to my expression, and sometimes it is for the purely narcissistic pleasure of watching the colors move on the canvas/paper. If in the process of entertaining myself, I also create something that moves you on a deeper level, touches your emotions, or moves your soul; then we can call that ART.

So below I have characterized by artistic expression in various media and sizes. ; )

Greeting Card Art – Small pieces that fit on a greeting card or in a small frame. Usually postcard size, or 4″x 6″. Why so small, you ask??? Because it is very easy to take with me and do literally anywhere I feel like wandering at any given moment. AND doesn’t require a warehouse to store ALLLLLLL my work. (I hate calling it work… It is pure joyful entertainment!)

Sometimes one simply falls in LOVE with an image, and one wants to see it a LOT! AND often that person doesn’t want to purchase the original because it is the wrong size, or too expensive, or sadly already belonging to a collector. For that person I am creating Digital downloads of all my work! You can see them here! Keep in mind the watermark does not appear on the download!

When I am overwhelmed with a mood or otherwise inspired, I am driven to my easel to express my vision on a larger scale and greater vibrancy. That is when I paint in oils! For intrinsic depth of color and texture, there is just no comparison!

Acrylics? Yes I paint in acrylics. Unless you are staying in one place a month at a time it really is very challenging to paint in oil and transport it. So, as I prefer to paint as my favorite form of vacation I paint a great deal in acrylic. So if you see an acrylic painting of mine you will just know – it is from my heart, but not from home!

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